About Sensei Naohiro Tomiyama

Sensei is the 1992 Enshin Karate World Champion with over 40 years martial arts experience of Kendo, Judo and Karate. his martial arts experience began as early as age 6 years old. For six years he studied Kendo(Japanese sword fencing). He then turned his efforts to Kyokushin Karate in the 1981.

After graduating from Kokushikan University in Japan, Sensei Tomiyama traveled to America to train with our Grand Master Kancho Ninomiya(1978 All Japan Karate Champion) in 1991. Following his training under Kancho as an Uchideshi(personal student) he challenged the 1992 World Sabaki Tournament and won the title of World Champion.

He then traveled back to Japan where he became the Chief Instructor for the Tokyo branch of Enshin Dojo(1993-1997). after producing three Japanese Champions, he decided to come to San Francisco to open the San Francisco Enshin Dojo. Since then, he has been leading his students with highly sophisticated teaching methods and warm heart.

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